For over 10 years of experience we have coordinated and participated in over 100 youth or youth workers mobilities in Erasmus+ Youth, 8 strategic partnerships in the field of youth and 1 in adult education. We have collaborated in several large partnership activities under central EACEA calls and have extensive experience in international partnership management.

Moreover, we have sent over 20 volunteers for European Voluntary Service or European Solidarity Corps voluntary activities and hosted so far 15. Recently we opened the opportunity for a group volunteering in Rabka Zdrój (town close to Kraków), where we run Training and Education Centre.

Our oldest partner organisation shares with us history of 11 years together and values us for integrity, quality and constant development. Feel welcome to be part of it!



We run

1) Youth Information Office in Kraków, 2) youth club “Grajdołek” (in polish it is really funny nameJ), 3) youth centre called “Pracownia na Zachodniej” in Kraków.

Next to it, we run 4) Training and Education Centre in Rabka Zdrój, a town close to Kraków.

Local activities are therefore concentrated in Kraków and Rabka Zdrój, but resonate for the whole Lesser Poland region, where we operate.

Our regular activities for young people at a local level embrace:

  • Youth information offices, where they seek consultations and support,
  • Youth centres: sharing spaces to hang out, spend time, work, learn and meet people,
  • We fund “small grants” for local youth initiatives offering financial support and mentoring,
  • Soft skills development and information workshops realized all over Lesser Poland in high schools,
  • Annual youth festival in Rabka Zdrój, engaging young people from the whole region in cultural, social and civic activities,
  • Annual youth consultations process in the form of “hackathons”,
  • Supporting youth councils in town and cities all over Lesser Poland region,
  • Other activities based on needs and initiative of young people.